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6 more days!!!

Sunday, May 29th, 2005

Here it is everybody -

THERE ARE ONLY 6 MORE DAYS UNTIL THE WALK!! That’s it! I’m feeling good about it. I actually can’t wait to get out there behind Soldier Field to see all the people getting ready to head out. As of my last email from Avon just a few days ago, there almost 1100 people walking next weekend!! Watch out Chicago!!

On the topic of fundraising, I am doing well. I am currently $160 short of my $2500 goal. Not too shabby. A big THANK YOU to all of you that have donated to my walk. I appreciate what all of you have done for me. If anyone else is still insterested in making a donation, you have until noon on Friday, June 3rd to either hand me a check or make a donation on my webpage.

That all for now. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day! Look for one last message from me on Thursday.

Mrs. Bixby (Not Her Real Name)

P.S. Keep crossing fingers and toes for good weather next weekend!

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Popular Mechanics

Friday, May 27th, 2005

Try vainly to ignore the repetitive pop-up ads (unless they go away if you allow cookies, I wouldn’t know) and check out the Lockheed-Martin candidate for the new Crew Exploration Vehicle, the replacement for the dilapidated Space Shuttle.

Also, added a link to BlogsNow, cuz frankly, it’s neat!

Friday Funnies II

Friday, May 27th, 2005

One more. Missed it in the ThinkBucket.

Someone had some fun at the Democrat’s expense using old film soundclips. Think of Fun with RealAudio from Saturday Night Live and with real film instead of animation. The most inspired section is with Jon Stewart and Madeline Albright, using one of my all-time favorite bits of film dialogue.

The breakdown of who says what is posted by the creator.


Friday Funnies

Friday, May 27th, 2005

I know the Friday’s Funnies aren’t always funny, but it’s really a way for me to share links I find interesting, and/or funny. With that in mind, the ThinkBucket is pretty full this week – that’s the Favorites folder I throw my FF links in or blog-worthy links that need some consideration before posting.

First a couple of Star Wars-related links:

Peter David hosts an interesting and lively discussion of Episode III on his review and he excuses some inconsistencies with some hand-waving as the discussion continues in this post.

This is too much. Too Much. This is juuuuust right. Use this knowledge only for good. ;)

Know any Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires or Monstrous Creations who are “between jobs”? Send them here. You may have to help them with their resume though, reanimated fingers aren’t all that dextrous. If you see a job listing for Bum Lee’s Deanimator tell them to stay away. It is a death trap for Zombies, and a serious time sink for humans. Watch the reload time though, it’s a bit slow.

Last week was E3. G4TV covered it like stink on geek. They were kind enough to put copious amounts of video online for our viewing pleasure. Of special notice is the music video they created to promote their coverage. The short televised version plays immediately on their main E3 coverage page, but check out the FULL-LENGTH VIDEO!!!!.

Need advice on anything? Anything at all? Have a half-formed idea for a first date, don’t know poker, want to know how to buy a classic car or repair your credit? Fine tune your brain. This is one of those great sites like HowStuffWorks.comthat covers damn near everything.

Keyboards. If you are a computer junkie like me, you want to advertise that you are either truly awesome by using Das Keyboard with its precision-weighted key springs and is, by the way, completely blank, or you can proclaim your 1337, ahem, elite status by using the mother of all keyboards, the programmable Kinesis Professional with complimentary foot-switch. A FOOT SWITCH!!! The perfect accessory for any writer … well, Terry Goodkind, at least. Actually, after reviewing those pictures, the perfect accessory for a desk jockey is the desk gearshift. Must HAVE IT!!…

ahem… pardon me, I’m better now.

Anyway, DC Comics has a new look. I like the new logo. I think I’ll miss the old four-star bullet though. DC itself has been burning up the charts with its major event (Countdown to Infinite Crisis) leading up it’s “BIGGEST EVENT EVER WHERE EVERYTHING CHANGES AND THE UNIVERSE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN”(tm) event, Infinite Crisis. Those of us who have been anxiously awaiting each yummy morsel of Countdown goodness in the form of The OMAC PROJECT, DAY of VENGEANCE, RANN/THANAGARIAN WAR, and VILLAINS UNITED can get spoiler-riddled coverage and discussion at Crisis Counseling. Ooooooh this is so good!!!! I love DC so much for paying me off for all the years of mediocre stories and characters. First Identity Crisis, now Countdown to Infinite Crisis and the Infinite Crisis this fall… I am such a happy geek.

Well, the ThinkBucket is empty. I’ll let you go now. Have fun and kill Zombies!

Blog finds

Friday, May 27th, 2005

Interesting blofs I have recently found

Core Dump >> Opinion, Babes and Bondage. the name alone is intriguing. The blog moreso. She posts about Objectivism, programming, some kink stuff. I could spend all day in this gal’s mind! In fact, I liked her enough, I bought shares in her blog on Blogshares. Is it wrong to buy shares and then post a link? I really don’t know. I don’t actually understand the purpose of Blogshares at all. I’m just a weekend (or weekday) duffer I guess.

Average Mom To quote her sub-head “Not June Cleaver, not Peggy Bundy. Just an average mom, like everybody else.” Except she’s really funny. Touching when discussing her battles with depression. She refers to her two small children as Boy Terror and Girl Terror – how can you not read this woman? She is a real favorite of Mrs. Bixby (Not Her Real Name).

Girls of Warcraft

Thursday, May 26th, 2005

David from The Whatever Files and I were talking about MMORPG’s today as he has recently become quite addicted to City of Heroes.

I have studiously avoided MMORPGs because of the highly detrimental impact that my addictive MUDding had on my relationship with the not-yet Mrs. Bixby (Not Her Real Name). Knowing just how easily my brain can be consumed by an ever-available electronic alternate universe has staved off such a refocused addiction to the MUD’s grandchild and most likely a divorce.

However, several of my friends play MMORPGs and of them, most play World of Warcraft, which I have seen. While pretty (oh, so pretty), it is both too taxing on computer hardware to allow me to run the program and would be too taxing on my marriage to allow me to run the program.
That in mind, when David sent me this, I realized that this could be written my dear wife, then-girlfriend, circa 1996 – 1997.

After a quick google search, it appears that this came from Marc’s World of Warcraft – WOW – Blog. His May 23rd post contains this posting. It seems that it came from Western Washington University where a disgruntled gaming widow posted this on all the bathroom door’s of the men’s floors. In fact, it appears that all of the parentheticals are from Marc’s some WWU-attending chum. I found this quite funny and have sent it to all my WoW-playing friends.

UPDATE 12/3/05: Marc found this site and
I verified the attribution with him on his site, and he affirms that he did not write it, but rescued it from the WoW forums quite some time ago:


You started out attributing it appropriately. I did not write this. I did get it off of the WoW General forum months ago.

I really apprecaite the plug! I think you have brought me alot of traffic.

Alot of folks have enjoyed that post.

No problem Mark, glad for what little traffic I can send your way. END UPDATE.

Be on guard fellas, the ladies may be stewing! I suppose this probably should be a Friday Funny, but after last night’s debacle, I’m just happy to be able to post anything.

I’m sure by now most of the residents in Nash Hall have experienced the cult following that is World of Warcraft. I’m also sure that the majority of men in the building either has given into this phenomenon individually, or has a roommate, friend, or RA that’s fallen. Being one of the many women in Nash Hall (our dorm) involved in a relationship with a man whose life is no longer is own, I have a few things to say.

1. Realistically, most girls despise World of Warcraft. With the exception of ________(girlfriend of _______and fellow wow-er, lucky dog) and very few others, girls just have no interest in it whatsoever. We do not care what level you just hit, we do not care what boss you’re about to kill, we do not care how many days you’ve spent wasting your life away, and we absolutely DO NOT care how “f-ing” hot your character is (her boyfriend has a female night elf.) So stop telling us or you’ll be single very, very soon. No one wants to date a junkie.

2. Don’t you have class or something? It seems to me that we live in a government sponsored insitution, NOT in your mom’s basement. I don’t think President Bush would be very happy to hear that his funding is going toward a Univeristy full of ridiculous boys who are wasting the public’s hard earned tax dollars (would he really care?) How much does it cost to attend Western? (about 3 grand a quarter, or 9k a year) And how much does your account cost a month? (15 dollars even) I won’t even bring up the point that you are here to study and gain ACTUAL, not computer animated, knowledge, and that you could be saving mucho dinero staying in your own house and letting someone live in Nash who actually deserves to be here. Anyone ever heard that song by Ben Folds Five, “Song for the Dumped?” Yeah. That’s what I thought.

3. Hey, have you ever heard the words “Personal Hygiene?” I think not. Judging by the smell wafting down from the 3rd, 5th, and 6th floors,(the guy floors in the building) us ladies of floor 1 have had to invest in a serious supply of air fresheners. When was the last time you actually took a shower? I know for a fact that several residents on the 5th and 6th floors have gone about 3 days without showering, and usually wear the same shirts and pair of underwear for days on end. No wonder everyone’s door is always locked. They are trying to keep the smell stifled inside their room, which is disgusting. TLC had it right when they didn’t want No Scrubs. You scrubby boys had better knock if off.

4. What the hell are those stupid headsets? Do you work in the Taco Bell drive-thru? It sure smells like it on your floor. If so, I’d better be getting a discount. What, do you need reassurance that you actually do have friends who understand your addiction? You wonder why girls go to the bathroom in pairs, or why they get pissed when you can’t tell what they are thinking. This is the same thing, and just as mind-boggling. Why do you need to talk to other computer nerds while playing the game? Does your score improve with the number of friends you have online? Or maybe you met your other girlfriend who is 36, divorced, and lives in Kentucky with her 15 cats. Sure sounds like a winner to me.

5. What is your age again? Last time I checked, Western Washington University did not admit 12 year old boys into its academic program. I don’t think the admissions office would be too pleased to hear about the progress of its North Campus (location of our dorm on campus) students. It’s nice that you college men have found a piece of common ground, but honestly this is ridiculous. If you have your RA, your roommate, your friends across the hall, your girlfriend’s ex boyfriend, and the guy who beat you last week in poker all on the same server going on a quest, you know you’ve hit rock bottom. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next thing I see is someone running down the hall with a pillowcase cape tied around their neck, scantily clad in Power Rangers underwear, crying because so-and-so just stole their star wars action figure or holographic Pokemon card. Honestly, that’s just not okay.

Be happy that I chose to keep the concerns to only 5. I know these perfectly valid points may be hard for some of you to hear. But realistically, it’s the truth. The moral of the story is; boys, don’t ignore girls of any status, girlfriend or not girlfriend, just to sit around all night in your boxers with chip crumbs on your belly, playing this infernal game. Keep it up, and the words “we need to talk” or “this just isn’t working out” or even the dreaded “I met someone else” will arise in the not so distant future. And I can just see each and every one of you, sitting there dumbfounded as to what could have possibly gone wrong. Everything was just so perfect. Speaking of which, I don’t think we should see each other anymore. Have a good life alone in Molten Core.

Apparently, this wasn’t a real break-up letter, but just a word of warning from the co-ed populace.

D’Oh! Part II

Thursday, May 26th, 2005

I really messed it up this time. I was trying to upgrade my WordPress from 1.5 to It turns out that I was looking at the wrong Wiki for the upgrade (apparently, the new install one instead). It also turns out that I really don’t have clue one what I am doing. I overwrote all of my WP files, created a new database and managed to apparently wipe my entire blog. This, if true, is highly disappointing, to say the least. I hope against hope that you would be able to restore my blog from a recent back-up. If so, I promise, I will love you forever. No really. I mean it. Not in a weird way. Just a platonic passionate love a user feels for the wizard-like techie who saves his unknowledgeable hind end. You have always treated me great in the past, so I know you will have done everything possible to help me, even if I really did dump the whole thing down the memory hole. Thanks folks.

Love Always,
MisterBixby, Idiot User.

This is the actual ticket I submitted to LivingDot support. I hope it brought them a chuckle. I must tell you that the support system at LivingDot, my host, has been incredible. I submitted this ticket at 11:45. I had a response by 11:53 and while the response was essentially, “Don’t worry, we perform nightly back-ups, but I can’t restore it tonight. The day shift can do it when they get here,” when I checked my blog at 8 a.m., my blog was fully restored.

Those of you who don’t get InstaPundit traffic and are looking for affordable and knowledgeable hosting should really look at LivingDot for your blog hosting needs. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Thanks again guys.

This has been an unpaid testamonial for LivingDot blog hosting services. The writer makes this statement out of sheer joy at their splendiferous service.

Oh my Stars and Garters

Tuesday, May 24th, 2005

Heard on the Internets last night that Kelsey Grammar is cast as the blue-furred Beast in X-Men 3. Personally, I like the choice since Beast is extremely erudite, kind of effete and upper-crust sounding. In fact, I won’t be able to read the books without hearing Grammar’s voice now. I just hope that they CGI the Beast. Otherwise it could look like this (scroll down to Courtney Cox-Zuckner’s post.

James Joyner has a good post over at Outside the Beltway.


Monday, May 23rd, 2005

I was just being all bummed how I was getting no comments, and then, like a moron, realized I had 9 comments in queue waiting for approval because I set first-time commenters to be moderated. If you left a comment in the last week (since that’s where most of them seem to be), I apologize for not moderating them in a timely manner. Hopefully, if you left comments before (and you have cookies activated for my site), you shouldn’t have to be moderated again. Please email me if it happens again.


Monday, May 23rd, 2005

Bill Whittle is back. And with a vengeance. Carve about 2 hours out of your busy schedule and head over to his blog and get your learning on. Start here, continue here and finish here.

P.S. I seem to have a wicked case of bloggorhea today…