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Random IM.

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

So I’m sitting here at the computer and Mrs. Bixby (Not Her Real Name)’s Yahoo IM chime goes off. For some reason, she gets random Yahoo IMs from people she’s never met with a higher than PG-13 intent behind them. So, I peek over to see who’s IM’ing her so I can let her know and I find out it’s “nicks_2022″ who has this to say (all capitalization and punctuation – rather the lack thereof – are nick’s):

“hi sexy im nick im 18 would you like to roleplay, you can watch my webcam aswell if you like”

Being the fun bastard that I am, and with Mrs. Bixby (Not Her Real Name)’s permission, I responded:

“OK I’m a level 12 Paladin. I carry a bastard sword with +1 shock damage. My village was destroyed by a band of orcs. I roll a d20 to sense motive on you. I make a 15, does that succeed?”

So far … No response from Nick.


Friday, July 29th, 2005

With the submission of this post and the closing of this laptop, I will officially begin my long overdue, well-deserved, and desperately needed two weeks of vacation (which includes a trip to the local Geek Mecca – the WizardWorld Comic Convention in Rosemont, IL and a decidedly non-geeky trip to watch Da Bears training camp on my birthday).

Cards and presents can be left at the doorstep and the butler will collect them while I am away.

We have a busy week schedule the first week, but not much planned the second week. Therefore, blogging may pick up upon my return. At the very least ComicCon pictures will be shown. Til then, Ta Ta!


Thursday, July 21st, 2005

There is something sadly ironic, yet fitting, about James Doohan dying on the anniversary of man’s first walk on the moon. I think he would have appreciated it. Fittingly, Mr. Doohan will be buried in space. I will be running the bagpipe Amazing Grace all week in my head in his honor. His biography Beam Me Up, Scotty (co-written with Peter David) was enlightening, educational and eminently re-readable. He’s my favorite original series actor. He’s just a class act. I really will miss having him on this planet. Not that I ever knew him nor he me, but I’ll miss him just the same.

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Enterprise, Scott here, Sir.
You can find a wonderful tribute James Doohan page here.

Harry Potter

Sunday, July 17th, 2005

Just finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Well done Ms. Rowling, well done.

I wish they hadn’t released that a character dies prior to the book coming out. Still I was not surprised at who was killed, nor at the cause (within the context of the book that is).

I won’t go on a) because no one is reading this anyway and 2) just in case someone wanders by and I let a spoiler slip. In all, well worth the 10 hours it took to read it.