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comments… where are you?

Tuesday, August 30th, 2005

Have I mentioned I am an attention-whore and love receiving comments? The first time you post the comment is moderated, but you can accept a cookie to avoid future moderation. I promise I will moderate comments as soon as I see them and probably even respond. Hello?

why will no one love me?

CHALLEEEEENGE!!! (Pronounced Chall-ONJ)

Sunday, August 28th, 2005

Via Mean Mr. Mustard from several other people including Andrea Harris who got it from Dan and Angi, who apparently have something to say:

“The assignment. Give us ten of your quirky, opinionated, perhaps socially-unacceptable or politically incorrect opinions. They can be esoteric, generic, unpopular, or obvious. Just write down ten of them.”

  1. I actually support gay marriage in principle, but I completely understand the trepidation of heterosexuals who are hesitant to extend the most vital social more and status to a group of people who take pride in trouncing, circumventing and flauting every other social more they can. I believe anyone who has attended the Chicago Pride Parade would see my point.
  2. Despite all their losses and their inability to keep a quarterback, I’m still … sigh … a Chicago Bears Fan.
  3. Marvel Sucks. DC Rules.
  4. Marital Fidelity is highly underrated.
  5. Chicago is the best city in the world. Period. I know the ChicagoBoyz will back me up on this.
  6. Excerpted from a conversation between Mrs. Bixby (Not Her Real Name) and myself: “There are not enough blowjobs in this world. And every one of us guys is jealous to find out another guy got one.”* To that regard, it’s worse than I thought.
  7. Roseanne was actually one of the most real shows depicting a lower middle class family I have ever seen. I miss the show. I always saw a lot of my father in Dan Conner and a lot of my favorite aunt in Roseanne Conner. I could stand to see more television fare like it. Funny from reality, not from contrivance.
  8. I think a blog should have some kind of identifying theme, idea or tone. Despite this, mine hasn’t any of that.
  9. I read and collect comic books. I read sci-fi literature and watch sci-fi movies. I know what I’m doing when I open a computer case. I play Dungeons&Dragons. I have played other role-playing games too. I own Magic: The Gathering cards. I tell you this to establish my geek cred. I know of what I speak. So trust me when I say: LARPers** are weird, weird folks. Period.
  10. Liberals have more fun. It’s a lot easier to feel your way through life than think it.

I think some of these weren’t exactly in the spirit of the challenge, but damn it, I did it! Ten is hard!

  • *I know this is only an unpopular opinion to roughly half of the population, but I think it qualifies.
  • **LARP means Live Action RolePlay. You dress up as your character and make gameplay and battle decisions using rock/paper/scissors to determine the outcome.

Hope you like the new pics

Sunday, August 28th, 2005

I finally got off my duff and cut together some of my own pics for the Random Image Theme banner at the top here. The little girl asleep on the couch is my daughter Audrey, the Bears are actually one Spectacled Bear at the Brookfield Zoo that I flipped and pasted in Photoshop. The Moon came with Windows XP and the Light Saber is mine. I am a Jedi Master.

Moving again…

Sunday, August 28th, 2005

For those of you who get my blog via feed, with help from David at Facade of Americana, I have moved Catastrophic Success from to Not being overly familiar with WordPress and php, I don’t know how long the index.php file at /blog will continue to update, so please update your links accordingly.

Dark Side’s Comin’, Now Nothin Is Real!!!!

Saturday, August 27th, 2005

My Fantasy Football Team has a poster and a logo, even though the draft isn’t until next week. Without further ado:

Sith Taters Official Poster


Friday, August 26th, 2005

Please do yourself a favor and go to Michael Yon: Online Magazine. This man is an independent observer of the fighting in Iraq, assign to a unit referred to as the “Deuce Four.”

A friend sent me the link to yesterday’s dispatch. I am a lesser man for allowing other men to so honorably serve on my behalf. I should instead be serving them. They are better still for knowing this, and not acknowledging it.

Mr. Yon speaks extensively in this dispatch about the Deuce Four’s CO, LTC Kurilla. Men like Lt. Colonel Erik Kurilla are the exemplar of the American Fighting Soldier. Would that there were more men like him in this world, and this war. It’s obvious that his men love him. It’s obvious that he deserves it.

There is indeed good news coming out of Iraq, but there is also a great deal to be concerned about. In this context, one of the most disturbing things to hear about is the revolving door of the Army Detention Facility that spew known terrorists back out into the wild to shoot at our men. Shameful.

Check it out. But get some pretzels and popcorn, the dispatches are looooooong.

To all my faithful followers…

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

I have to apologize (AGAIN!) for the lack of content updates to this site. We have been running ragged between foiled vacation plans, an ungodly hectic work schedule, a resurgence of the aneurysmal bone cyst in Madelyn’s arm, a crashed main PC, and an attempt at some quality marriage time. In addition, I have been having a bit of a crisis of faith regarding this blog. I’m still not indexed by Google (I think maybe due to my lack of a front page – currently forwards to this blog through a .htaccess redirect) so that venue of traffic is eliminated (screwing my GoogleAds in the process). I also am not too well known, and I don’t think I have much of a solid unifying viewpoint. I have to re-think my approach to blogging before I dive more deeply into it.

I will keep you posted. The only thing going for me is that at least I still update more frequently than Bill Whittle, though with half the quality.