There’s going to be some serious changes around here. I’ll be getting a plan finalized this week, but this will no longer be a fantasy-football politics-oriented blog. I’ve done that for more than a year now, and I have come to realize that without the horse-race atmosphere of a presidential election, I don’t actually have the gumption to keep going when it’s all over.

I will be using this blog for a writing notebook to train myself in how to write. I will begin with characters. The best stories, I feel, come from interaction of interesting characters. I am about to embark upon a 26 week exercise. Barring any emergency or planned vacation, I will update every day, but I need help from you, my three readers. This will require you to make use of the comments button. Again, I will finalize procedure this week, but here’s how it will work:

  • Sunday morning: Starting with A and progressing through Z, I will create a character sketch with a name starting with the letter of the week. I will provide whatever information about the character that comes to me. I want you to start peppering me with questions about the character. Whatever you want to know. Favorite Color? Age? Hometown? Why do you have that peg leg? Anything you think would be interesting to know, or would make for an interesting answer.
  • Monday afternoon or evening: I will answer the first round of questions, hopefully generating more questions. I will also tell either an interesting anecdote about the character from his/her point of view or provide some background not asked about in questions.
  • Tuesday: This week’s character will have a conversation with last week’s character (starting week B)
  • Wednesday: I will answer any more comments or questions from Monday through Wednesday
  • Thursday: I will dive into where the character lives and breathes, or works or some location important to him/her
  • Friday: Free for all day, this should be some exercise that is suggested by you, dear reader, or perhaps it will be something that was asked that I didn’t have enough space to properly address from a question or comment earlier in the week.
  • Saturday: Another story or anecdote about from or by the character of the week

That is a lot of commitment, but I think I am up to it, but it hinges on having responsive readers. Please leave me a comment sometime this week so that I know there would be willing participants. Otherwise, this will be a solitary exercise, which is also necessary since writing is, itself, a solitary exercise.

At the end of the half-a-year, I will have 26 characters that I can then try out in stories, dialogues, plays, homicides etc. This will lead to plotting, theme and structure. Let’s burn those bridges when we get there though shall we?

P.S. It’s fitting that the googleads are popping up smoking cessation programs. I quit smoking cold turkey on Tuesday January 7, 2006 at approximately 4:30 p.m. Almost one week and going strong.

3 Responses to “CH-CH-CH-CHANGES!!!”

  1. Steve says:

    Good luck. I don’t really like political blogs anyway. They are so predictable as to being not worth reading most of the time. Gee… I wonder what the radical liberals are going to think about Judge Alito… Gee, I wonder what the ultra-conservatives are going to think about Hillary running for president. It’s SSDD(same story, different day).

  2. Brian says:

    I can’t commit to anything, ever, but I’ll read and do my best to help out. Keep up with the quitting smoking; if for nothing else, it saves money!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hooray! I enjoyed your blog 100x better when it wasn’t completely political…not that an occasional diatribe about something that really aggrivates, but all the time politics is no fun. At the end of the day what does it accomplish other than raising your blood pressure? I can’t wait to read some of your stories.

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