Interesting Phone Call

In my second consecutive non-Annelle-related post, I, again, wade into the political sphere.

I received a phone call tonight from Illinois Senatorial District 33 candidate Jim Morici. Mr. Morici asked me for a public show of support after giving his basic introductory spiel wherein he mentioned that he is a business owner (he owns a law firm), a father of three (a hockey dad and teeball coach) and that his main focus is on reforming health care to make it affordable to everyone and weeding out corruption at all levels of Illinois government (good luck to him).

I found this announcement from Kent-Chicago Law School, where Mr. Morici will be appearing on January 31st. Sadly, this announcement has more information about Mr. Morici than his website.

Mr. Morici earned a lot of points in my book for two reasons:

  1. I informed him early on that I don’t generally vote Democratic and that my wife, the effervescent Mrs. Bixby (Not Her Real Name), is the only one who does, and he didn’t politely end the call and move on, he continued to talk to me and answered my questions.
  2. He answered my question. Well, actually, he responded to my question, and gave me his opinion, when he knew it was different than mine. He didn’t feed me some line of bs, trying to lie his way to my vote.

I asked him what his position was on Tort Reform.
For those unfamiliar with the concept, the idea is that by legislating some formulaic limit to the amount that juries can award in personal injury cases (above and beyond incurred medical costs), malpractice insurance providers will have to pay out less, thereby reducing their premiums to doctors, who can reduce their operating costs, charging the insurance companies less, causing the insurance companies to charge less for coverage and making healthcare more affordable for all.

Mr. Morici doesn’t believe that that is the case nor would it be the effect. His focus would be on regulating the insurance companies, “one of the few, if not only, industries not governed by anti-trust legislation” in setting the price of premiums and costs. He didn’t specify what he would do, but his aim is to further regulate (or, I should say, differently regulate) the medical insurance corporations to lower costs for the uninsured. I asked him to flesh out his web-page and provide some more specific information regarding this on there so I had something to read and to link to. I believe in the power of the internet in the political process and those who take advantage of it will do well. See my posts on Kathy Salvi (one more link). Incidentally, President Bush apparently has similar intentions as well. Mr. Morici did point me toward the Illinois Trial Lawyers’ Association site where there should be an article or write-up on a study they commisioned about health care costs, tort benefits and reform. I haven’t found it yet, but when I do, I’ll post a link.

I expressed my pleasure at having a politician or political candidate actually talk to and take time to speak with his constituents or potential constituents and so I promised him that I would advocate for him if I felt comfortable doing so, but at the very least I would link to his site.

I get a good feeling about him. Much as I did about Jack Ryan. (That’s not damning with faint praise, by the way: I’m still upset with the Illinois Republican Party for shooting themselves in the foot by freaking out over a dispute between a husband and wife; granted, it was about what kind of sex they would and would not have and that always makes for odd political candidacies, but he didn’t force anything, he just asked and was denied. He had good ideas and seemed like a good man. It’s a real shame – ed.)

It was clear he wanted a quick three-minute phone call to plant his name in my brain and instead took 20 to 25 minutes to try to convince someone who isn’t wasn’t a likely voter. He still doesn’t have a lock on my vote, but he sure didn’t sound like a liberal weenie trial lawyer elitist democrat (even though he is a trail lawyer democrat ;) ) . I wonder what his tax policy is.

Mr. Morici, if you are reading this, please leave me a comment if you feel I misrepresented any of your views or our conversation.

To my five readers, those of who live in the 33rd district check him out. Hopefully, he will update the site more, and maybe start a blog.

I don’t know anything yet about the incumbent Cheryl Axley. Maybe she’ll call tomorrow.

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