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Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Welcome to the Bears SuperFan Blog readers!

This is a dead blog (mostly), but the archives are there for your enjoyment. I recommend the Friday Funnies category. The geeking out category isn’t bad either and there is plenty of politics if you are so inclined.

However, I may not be blogging here, but I am having a great time over at Tube of the Day. I take‘s Word of The Day and enter it into You Tube and see what I get. It’s not always safe for work so click play at your own risk!

If you like the writing you see here and want me to write more at Catastrophic Success, leave comments and I will return to non-Bears, non-Video blogging. I think the fiction writing experiment failed… Sigh.

Another Missive from Mrs. Bixby (Not Her Real Name)

Wednesday, April 27th, 2005

One Month and $400. That is what is left until my Avon Walk. The event is in 38 days and I still have to raise $400 to reach my goal of $2000.

Here it is folks…. my call out to all of you! Please help me! There are MANY of you receiving this letter that have not yet made a donation! Come on…. you can do it! If everyone on this list that has not donated simply made a $10 donation, I would reach my goal. Let’s get donating!

OK, so here are some incentives to help motivate you to donate:

1. Help saves lives!
2. Just $10 from each of you can help.
3. If your employer makes “Matching gifts”, you can DOUBLE your
4. Help local resources get in touch with the people that need it
5. Donate atleast $100 and you get to name a Pink Ribbon that I
will wear during the walk. Afterwards, I will mail you a
picture of me wearing it and the ribbon itself.
6. Don’t like to use credit/debit cards online? Just mail me the
check made out to AVON WALK FOR BREAST CANCER.
7. Help save lives!
8. Your donation is tax deductible.
9. It’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
10. You can make monthly payments.
11. Last, but not least. . . help save lives!

Here is a new one: Hopefully, all of you looked at my updated website and saw the new pictures on there. The first is of closing ceremonies. In this one you can see a giant, pink, inflatible pylon. There are 2 of these and they follow us around all weekend. The walkers/crew members all sign them and they then travel to every Avon Walk event (there are 5 more events after Chicago). They are seen by THOUSANDS of people.
So, I call out to all of you. Anyone making atleast a $250 donation will not only get to name a Pink Ribbon, but the name(s) they chose will get written on one of these pylons. It will be seen by thousands of people across the country. I already have one $250 donor. Can I get another one. . .or two? I don’t care if you team up, add on to a prior donation, or use an employer matching gift to reach the $250. You somehow donate that much and you will have the chance to permanently honor someone on an AVON WALK pylon for everyone across the country to see!

I look forward to seeing all of your names on my website as a “Donation Superstar”!

Mrs. Bixby (Not My Real Name)

Visit My Avon Walk Page

More from the Front … or In this episode I Geek Out.

Wednesday, April 27th, 2005

MisterBixby: Whoa….
MisterBixby: Please to be clicking here…
David: omg!
MisterBixby: uh huh
David: i can’t believe i just said ‘omg’
MisterBixby: Whatev y00 big AOLer y00
David: they should make a series about Kit Fisto
MisterBixby: that sounds dirty.
David: hah
David: this guy
David: there was a clone wars episode about him fighting the separatists on Mon Calamari
David: he was using his lightsaber underwater
MisterBixby: cool… although he looks like the son of the singer from The Fifth Element.
MisterBixby: Did it steam and stuff?
David: and he made this force bubble and knocked out a bunch of enemy submarines with it
David: it bubbled
MisterBixby: Mon Calamari means my squid… what a messed up name for a planet.
David: hah
David: they look like squid
David: Kit Fisto
MisterBixby: It’s like calling earth Mon Boeuf… My beef
David: hahah
MisterBixby: hehe … bubbly light saber…

This is cool too: Beyond Indy, Lucas also answered a question about another popular Lucasfilm character, Willow Ufgood. His response to a fan who asked about the possibilities of Willow II: “I was actually just talking to Warwick Davis backstage, and we were communing on the possibility, wouldn’t it be wonderful to someday do a Willow TV series. I can’t say that we’ll do that, but, [Lucasfilm] is moving into television, and a lot of ideas are popping up.” Lucas went on to say later that other projects on the horizon include a feature film about African-American pilots serving in World War II that Lucas will produce.

David: hahahah
David: willow
MisterBixby: Shut up Peck!
MisterBixby: I’ve gotten SO many hits for that Darth Benedictus-Tater pic….
David: A fan asked the chances of exploring the KOTOR-era Jedi or the origins of the Sith on TV, and Lucas stated that if the television projects are successful, he would examine the possibility of moving elsewhere in the saga.
David: this would be awesome!
David: I was wondering if revenge of the sith would make some kind of subtle reference to Darth Revan or Malak. How great would that be?
David: supposedly palpatine explains the sith a little better, maybe they’ll go into the history.
David: he doesn’t like you. I don’t like you either!
MisterBixby: I don’t know. They may not because its a fairly obscure reference.
MisterBixby: If you haven’t played the games, you won’t have a clue who they are.
MisterBixby: I can’t remember the alias that Obi-wan used in the cafe in Episode II… the guy they thought he was. Is that in the Star Wars database you’re looking at?
David: i’m getting a lot of referrals from search engine results for Alicia Rickter. What a bunch of pervs!
MisterBixby: who is a Alicia Rickter?
David: some playboy bunny
David: i wrote about her marriage to Mike Piazza somewhere
David: i’m also getting hits from people searching for “colon cleansing”
MisterBixby: riiiight… Now that I’m posting this conversation, watch my alicia Rickter hits go through the roof… Their all gonna be here looking for NAKED ALICIA RICKTER PICS… Is that shameless hit seeking, y’think?
David: yes
David: but it’s necessary
MisterBixby: :)
MisterBixby: Of course, now I’ll get colon cleansing hits too…
David: alicia rickter and colon cleansing are my two biggies
MisterBixby: I’ve been getting searches for “Laura Ingraham’s Breast Cancer Surgery” because I made a passing comment to Laura Ingraham and Carrie’s participating in the Avon walk for breast cancer

I’m such a dork. I don’t know why this conversation is interesting to anyone but me and David. Of course, I did want to send the link out.

And to all of you here looking for NAKED ALICIA RICKTER PICS, all I have to say is “SUCKER!!!!” and I would recommend visiting PeoriaPundit and search his archive for anything labelled Eye Candy. That should suit your needs… Perv!

pissed off

Tuesday, April 26th, 2005

Sorry folks. I had a big long post planned as a response to ElizabethSheryl’s comment to my very popular Pope + Tater Ratzinger Sith post but as I was about to post it at 11:50 last night, it disappeared into the memory hole. I have the first third of it saved and maybe I’ll try again later, but meanwhile, I have submitted a support request to blogspot. I discovered I had to log out of blogger in order to use their submission form though. Wouldn’t it make sense to also include an email address instead of just relying on a cgi-form to allow your users to report problems? Apparently not. At any rate, I hope they can recover it because I liked it a lot. I’m sure they will do the best they can to help too, and bless them for helping.

On top of that, my dear younger daughter (the one who recently had surgery) has an ear infection and kept the lovely and talented (and amazingly calm in the middle of the night) Mrs. Bixby (Not Her Real Name) and me up all night. I’m very tired and crabby and bitchy so I’ll cut off here to refrain from saying some unpleasant things about my poor darling daughters’ sleeping habits (one or both of them conspire to wake up just as I go to bed late EVERY NIGHT, but I digress).

1000 hits!!!

Wednesday, April 20th, 2005

Congratulations to whoever visited my site from Europe (GMT +2) after visiting Rishon Rishon’s Steven Den Beste entry recap here.

Power to the Papal!!!!

Tuesday, April 19th, 2005

Just sounded funny to me. I don’t particularly care how much power the pope has. However, there is a new one. Pope Benedict XVI took office today. He’s formerly known as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, a hard-line orthodox traditionalist. The Reuters reporter who wrote this story apparently couldn’t find anyone who believed he would actually be a hard-line orthodox traditionalist Pope.

“Somewhere a mending of fences must have been happened in the conclave,” said Father Gerald Fogarty, history professor at the University of Virginia in the United States. “They probably think of this as a transitional papacy.”

John Wilkins, former editor of The Tablet in London, said Ratzinger could be different as Pope from his previous work.

“You never quite know how a pope is going to develop,” he said. “You can’t just draw a straight line from Cardinal Ratzinger as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and Cardinal Ratzinger as pope.”

Every quote in the story reflects the hope or belief that he will be a transitional or transformational pope that those in the MSM have been crying for since JPII died. Somehow, I doubt that the rush of the Holy Spirit will infuse him with the sudden desire to embrace gays, female priests and liberalization of church doctrine. I don’t understand how one can read his resume and doubt that he will be just as unyielding on Church tradition or doctrine as John Paul II.

Some highlights:

“We are moving toward a dictatorship of relativism which does not recognize anything as definitive and has as its highest value one’s own ego and one’s own desires,” [Cardinal Ratzinger] declared at a pre-conclave Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica.

“Ratzinger’s stern leadership of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, the modern successor to the Inquisition, delighted conservative Catholics but upset moderates and other Christians whose churches he described as deficient.”

“In that office, Ratzinger disciplined Latin American “liberation theology” theologians, denounced homosexuality and gay marriage and pressured Asian priests who saw non-Christian religions as part of God’s plan for humanity.”

It, of course, remains to be seen whether he will be as effective a pope as John Paul II. His age (78) may cause him some difficulty in continuing JPII’s jetsetting lifestyle, and it’s possible that his continuation of JPII’s policies and strong stance for age-old morals will draw youth the way John Paul II did or if JPII’s draw was more personality and charisma then policy and dogma.

White Smoke and Bells

Tuesday, April 19th, 2005

Drudge and the AP (as well as a co-worker’s policeman husband, via the police radio) report that a new pope has been elected. So far no word on who it will be.

I will post more later regarding my atheistic and therefore non-Catholic reaction to the news both about the death of John Paull II and about the new pope. I am surprised by the speed though.

Interesting article on OpinionJournal about why the new pope won’t be American. Wouldn’t it be great if it and everybody else was wrong. It would be interesting to see what would happen if the most powerful man in the free world and the most powerful man in Christendom were both Americans.

Intercepted from Central Command

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005

DanglingStars:*ahem* just a reminder that it’s almost APRIL..that feb. hiatis sure did last long. :-)
paulisworkin: *snooooore*
DanglingStars: lol
paulisworkin: things have been real hairy around here. My daughter
DanglingStars: well hairy is no fun
paulisworkin: My younger daughter has developed a cyst in the bone of her left upper arm and the diagnosis treatment.
paulisworkin: can’t think … one moment
DanglingStars: aw, I’m so sorry to hear that *hugs*
paulisworkin: Thanks. I was talking to Carrie about something else and couldn’t split my concentration enough.
DanglingStars: no problem
paulisworkin: Maddy goes for a biopsy tomorrow. They are pretty sure it is an Anuerysmal Bone Cyst which requires surgical removal. they are doing the biosy to confirm the diagnosis and rule out cancer.
They need to verify the ABC since the only t4eatment for ABC is surgery whereas cancer can be treated in other ways.
DanglingStars: well what type of surgery would she have to havE?
paulisworkin: They would have to cut into the bone, scrape out the cyst, implant some donor material for a bone graft and be re-casted.
DanglingStars: that doesn’t sound very fun, would it have the chance of coming back? I’d think though, even with it’s frusterations at least it wouldn’t be cancer
paulisworkin: The cyst grows out from the inside of the bone where the marrow should be and stretches the outside (the bone matrix) to such a degree that fracture is not only more possible, but almost a certainty. She was given a cast for three weeks in late January and had to go to the hospital for MRI and CT the weekend before last, where they found another fracture. She has had a cast since. It will be removed tomorrow for the biopsy and then a new cast put on until the surgery, after which she’ll need another cast. There is about a week to ten-day wait between the biopsy and the results so surgery is delayed at least that far.
DanglingStars: oh man, poor baby
paulisworkin: ABC’s are apparently mostly benign (they are technically a form of non-cancerous tumor) in that they do not metastasize (spread to other parts of the body). However, they are aggressive in that once you get them, you are likely to get them again later.
paulisworkin: brb
DanglingStars: k
paulisworkin: this poor kid. She is only 17 and a half months. These things don’t usually show up in anyone until they are between 10 and 20, and most of them are between 15 and 20. They also usually show up in the femur (more than 90% of the time) and not in the humerus like she has. Poor Maddy has defied all the odds to have this stupid thing. :-(
paulisworkin: Do you mind if I post this in my blog? I think I just typed an entry or more…
DanglingStars: no problem
DanglingStars: go right ahead
DanglingStars: and, poor little maddy, she’ll get through it though, with all the love she has from family and I’m sure anyone who’s ever met her :-)
DanglingStars: little one’s can be really tough
paulisworkin: you have high speed right?
DanglingStars: yeah
paulisworkin: hang on, I’ll send you a pic.
DanglingStars: okie.
DanglingStars wants to directly connect.
DanglingStars is now directly connected.
paulisworkin: Image hosted by
paulisworkin: Image hosted by
paulisworkin: Image hosted by
paulisworkin: Image hosted by
DanglingStars: awww..she’s so adorable
paulisworkin: Image hosted by
EDITOR’S NOTE: As you can see, the cast has not impaired her rambunctiosness and she is NOT asleep in the last two photos, she just chose that particular moment to close her eyes and look serene. ALL LIES I TELL YOU!!!
DanglingStars: she reminds me of my baby (my niece) Liani
DanglingStars: hopefully if one does come back, it will be a while from now, give her a break
paulisworkin: I hope so too…
DanglingStars: aww.
DanglingStars: i’ve never seen a baby with a cast like that.
DanglingStars: have you all signed it or drew flowers or anything?
paulisworkin: Its the same kind of fiberglass cast most kids get, this one’s just white. Audrey, Maddy and their friend drew pictures on it.
paulisworkin: I’ve got to go for dinner. We’ll talk again later.

Brief Hiatus

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005

Since it appears that I am on a brief hiatus, I will officially declare that I am on a brief hiatus through the end of February. I need to re-think the direction of this blog. Originally, it was intended as less personal and more political, but with the conclusion of the recent spate of elections, I am a little burned out on politics and need to devise some more regular material – i.e. more Friday Funnies type departments, probably a weekend book review since I read about a book a week, etc.

Unfortunately, I am trying to better apply myself at work, which leaves me less time to blog (whose priorities are in disorder?) and read blogs. I feel I am out of the loop leaving me less to say when I do feel the urge to blog.

Check out Catastrophic Success 2.0 on March 1st. Until then, be well.

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

Wednesday, February 9th, 2005

My wife, the irrepressible Mrs. Bixby (not her real name) is walking the Walk. Please consider donating to her campaign. I haven’t begged for money yet, and I probably won’t do it again, but she has set herself a high goal and we would love to surpass it.

The format of the walk is unique. It extends over two days and covers up to 39.3 miles. That’s a Marathon-and-a-half! On your feet. For TWO DAYS! On Saturday, the walkers can choose to walk 13.1 miles (half-a-marathon) or 26.2 miles (a full marathon) knowing that on Sunday they will again be walking 13.1 miles.

Last year, she walked the entire length, although it took her the entire twelve hours allotted for the 26.2 miles. This year she wants to blow that out of the water and I think she can do it.

It is a cause dear to our hearts as Mrs. Bixby (not her real name)’s family has a long and sad history with cancer, and breast cancer especially. The pageantry surrounding the event is beyond moving and utterly inspiring. There have been few moments in our shared lives when I was more proud of my dearest wife than when she crossed that Finish Line upright and walking tall. My daughters, my mother-in-law and I had a grand time “chasing” her around the City and cheering her (and the thousands of other walkers) on.

OK, I ramble. But Mrs. Bixby (not her real name) wants very much to do this again this year and this blog is a new potential venue for fundraising for this, so I’d love to see both of my regular readers donate and validate the time I spend on this in her eyes. Can you do this for me? If not, can you do this for your mom, sister, aunt, daughter? Can you do this for yourself?

If you can’t donate, consider participating in the walk. They are all over the country. If you can’t do the Walk, find out when the one in your area is and seek out the route. Find the Cheering Stations and cheer these many women and (few) men on. You will feel better for doing so. Many walkers last year told me that if not for the people they knew would be at the next cheering station, they wouldn’t have made it. It’s an all around good day.

I will shortly have a post from Mrs. Bixby (not her real name) herself to tell you in her own words why she is doing this.