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Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Welcome to the Bears SuperFan Blog readers!

This is a dead blog (mostly), but the archives are there for your enjoyment. I recommend the Friday Funnies category. The geeking out category isn’t bad either and there is plenty of politics if you are so inclined.

However, I may not be blogging here, but I am having a great time over at Tube of the Day. I take‘s Word of The Day and enter it into You Tube and see what I get. It’s not always safe for work so click play at your own risk!

If you like the writing you see here and want me to write more at Catastrophic Success, leave comments and I will return to non-Bears, non-Video blogging. I think the fiction writing experiment failed… Sigh.

Blogging Doldrums

Thursday, December 1st, 2005

I don’t know why I can’t force myself to blog lately. I have been having a very rut-like existence the last few months. I blame being overworked. It’s not as if I don’t have time. Mrs. Bixby (Not Her Real Name) works nights so I have plenty of time to put together thoughtful intelligent blog posts, but I don’t because I just can’t summon the energy. In fact, I want to write one on the president’s speech yesterday (very good, long overdue and an unwelcome surprise to those Dems who have been posturing lately for a drawdown of troops while expecting the Pres to announce one anyway so they could take credit for the “victory”), but I just haven’t been able to summon the will. My apologies to all those visitors I have gotten from Samantha Burns expecting one of her newest Reader Blogs blogroll members to have fun an interesting content. I suck.

Updates on stuff… Da Bears keep winning (I hope they beat the hated Packers Sunday… what an unwelcome black cloud that would be over our otherwise wonderful season). The Sith Taters keep losing. They have been mashed repeatedly losing 5 of the last 6 games with one more game left against the number one Crafty Beavers. What an ignominous end to a season that started so well. Audrey is enjoying being 4 and Madelyn is loving being 2. Quick note on Madelyn that won’t be any fun for non-parents: She pooped in the potty last week. We are all so very proud. I figure over the next 6 months she should be sufficiently potty trained that we will be done with diapers and pull-ups forever.

How bout some funny links to flesh out this post, clear out the ThoughtBucket and make up for some lost Friday Funnies?

Men now have a new Alert System to post in the house to warn others away when a periodic enemy is near.

Just weird stuff: Cat born with two tongues. Does it take him half as long to take a bath? Is he very popular with the lady cats?

Fans of Something*Positive will enjoy this fan movie based on the first year or so of the strip. I don’t think I would have made the same choices in actors that they did, but I would guess that it is a bunch of friends who pitched in and doled out parts where able. Somehow I don’t think there was a big cattle-call audition for this production. It’s quite good and funny though.

Orson Scott Card has a zine! I bought the first issue and it’s pretty good. Definitely worth it if only for the new Enderverse stories in each issue. There is a write-up here. They are also accepting submissions from new authors in the vein of the old Sci-Fi Anthology magazines.

Someone else thinks that Nintendo’s Revolution truly is revolutionary. The article focuses on Genre and the evolution of a genre from easily accessible to all through its entrenchment as a hard-core gamer’s domain only. Nintendo has always been on the cutting edge of new genre formation. The Revolution is no different.

Found a fun little site with some good and (very) bad outtakes of classic shows. The first page is all Star Trek and the next page has some Mork and Mindy and M*A*S*H outtakes among others. The whole site is worth checking out though with clips from some other obscure TV shows including the pilot to the never-picked up M*A*S*H spin-off W*A*L*T*E*R starring everyone’s favorite bespectacled dwarf Radar O’Reilly.

And last, but not least, a good way to get some great deals on eBay is to misspell your search criteria. Check out Just type in your search terms and it shifts and doubles letters to find listings from auctioners who can’t use spell-check.

I’m going to see Rent this weekend because it is Mrs. Bixby (Not Her Real Name)’s favorite stage show and she never saw it with the original Broadway cast since we live in Chicago and we can’t afford the airfare. Mean Mr. Mustard quotes a review from Steve Sailer:

The two heterosexual white male characters at the center of “Rent” have all these cool minority friends. Indeed, “Rent” functions as a sensitive liberal man’s wish-fulfillment fantasy about a new and improved form of diversity. Hanging with diverse pals demonstrates your moral superiority over other Caucasians, but, frustratingly for young white social climbers, actual live minorities are seldom content to play their assigned roles as silent props in your fashionable lifestyle. In particular, real black friends might insist on playing their hideous rap music and real gay friends their sissy disco music. In “Rent,” however, the diverse trendsetters all like 1970s white boy guitar rock, thus validating the two straight guys’ hipness quotients.

I’ll let you know what I think after I’ve seen it. I saw the play once about 4 years ago. It was good enough then, but I didn’t get the same emotional punch that Mrs. Bixby (Not Her Real Name) did. Maybe I felt what Steve saw?

A good source for links to while away the time is Linky & Dinky. Subscribe to the newsletter and you’ll see where I crib some of my best links from (shhhh, don’t tell).

This concludes our irregularly scheduled broadcast. Join us next time when we teach poodles how to fly!

Happy Birthday Audrey

Sunday, November 20th, 2005

As of 3:40 a.m. this morning, I have been a father for 4 years. That’s actually a little scary to think about.

Sorry for the no posting, work has been hectic, I and other members of my family have been sick, I’ve been pooped, [another excuse], [some flimsy reason], and on top of all that [rationalization]!

I’ve been reading with interest all the hubbub about OSM and its attempted implosion. First the lack of true business plan, then the inscrutable writers’ agreements amd the unfortunate naming choice. I’m sure they got so blinded with the greatness of the OSM vs. MSM parallel that they just plum forgot how to Google it. At any rate, I really don’t care.

Toward the end of October, I celebrated my blogiversary. My Blogspot version of Catastrophic Success was started on 10/28/04. I celebrated by completely missing the date and doing nothing of note. Maybe I’ll celebrate the date I moved into my own space away from blogger with a .gif cake or something… does anyone but me care?

My final fantasy team is in 6th place going into today with a 5-5 record and the toughest part of my schedule ahead for the last 3 games. I don’t foresee a championship in my future.

Mrs. Bixby (Not Her Real Name), Audrey, Madelyn and I will be headed to Cheeseburger in Paradise for Audrey’s birthday lunch in a few minutes, so I’ll wrap up here, but look for a belated Friday Funnies/ThoughtBucket Dump sometime this week….

By the way, Creepiest Moment of the Morning ™: Flipping through channels and there is SecDef Donald Rumsfeld talking to Tim Russert on Meet the Press… then flip up two channels and there he is talking to George Stephanopoulos on This Week… At THE SAME TIME!!!!! I knew there was something wicked in the Bush Administrations stern refusal to discuss cloning… look what happened with the first experiment! TWO RUMMIES! We wouldn’t that to happen with, say, Teddy Kennedy or John Kerry, would we? Thank goodness for Bush’s incalcitrance!

Stinkin’ Bums!

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

The Taters gave up a 15 point lead to lose the game 92 to 88. Keenan McCardell caught 1(!) pass for 5(!) yards!!!! Was he asleep? A defensive back and a kicker combined efforts to score 19 points and hold Keenan to 0 points for the night. Unbelievable! I’m now in a six-way tie for second and my opponent is sitting pretty in 1st place all alone. Should have been me (*tears*). I’m not even top of the heap in sixth place. I’m in third place amongst the second-placers by points. They better turn themselves around, but losing Deuce McCallister for the season won’t help. Get it together boys!!!

Starting lineup

Sunday, October 9th, 2005

Matt Hasselbeck QB SEA
Thomas Jones RB CHI
Stephen Davis RB CAR
Deuce McAllister RB NO
Keyshawn Johnson WR DAL
Donald Driver WR GB
Keenan McCardell WR SD
David Martin TE GB
Todd Peterson K ATL
Brian Urlacher LB CHI
John Abraham DL NYJ
Ronde Barber DB TB

At this point in the game, I have 9 players going and 3 remaining (McCardell, Johnson and Davis – two WR and one RB). My opponent has 5 left to play (QB, 2 RB, 1K, 1 LB). The score is currently 76 to 40 in my favor. I’m hoping to break 100 this afternoon (certainly possible with my three best scorers yet to play) and I’m hoping his QB (Jake Delhomme) doesn’t have the monster game they are predicting. My opponent this week was the only other undefeated team going into last week when we both lost so I am hoping to put some distance between us. Of the other two 3 and 1 teams, one is up by 5 points and the other is down by 31 points. I may still be in sweet position for the season

**Crossing fingers…

In response to Steve

Tuesday, October 4th, 2005

Steve is here

Since he asked and my apologies for the late reply. Shame on me for not responding in a timely fashion to my first random commenter!!!!

I am in a 12-team league with some co-workers (private league). The point system works like so:
1 point per: 10 yds rushing, 10 yds receiving, 25 yds passing, extra point, tackle.
3 points per: Field Goal, recovered fumble, and sack
-3 points per: fumble lost, interception thrown
6 points per touchdown

Without further ado, I now present your 3-1 Sith Taters:
At QB, Seattle’s Matt Hasselbeck, with Miami’s Gus Frerotte backing him up.
Runningback corps: Stephen Davis (CAR), Thomas Jones (CHI), Deuce McCallister (NO) with Tatum Bell (DEN) and Cedric Benson (CHI) as backups (I thought Benson might take over for Jones, but Jones’ been darn hot lately)
Wide Receivers: Donald Driver (GB), Keyshawn Johnson (DAL), Keenan McCardell (SD) and Travis Taylor (MIN) as flex
Tight Ends: Bubba Franks (GB) – when he’s healthy, and Erron Kinney (TEN) to backfill
Kicker: Paul Edinger (MIN) and I just picked up Todd Peterson (ATL) to backfill Paul’s bye this week.
Defensive Back: Ronde Barber (TB) and Troy Paolamalu (PIT) depending on who has the better matchup
Linebacker: Brian Urlacher (CHI) with Julian Peterson (SF) for bye week insurance (although I should be able to drop him this week)
Defensive Lineman: John Abraham (NYJ)

I have had some good matchups with some sleeper players. Especially considering the slow start the Manning brothers and Daunte Culpepper got.

I just got my first lost in week 4 as some of my studs were injured (Franks and I thought Driver) or on bye (Jones, Urlacher, Polamalu)

I was on the top of the league at 3-0 with the most points, but this week I and the only other undefeated team both lost. We play each other this week so I should be able to put some distance between us.

I couldn’t imagine managing 5 teams at once like he does though! Sheesh, I spend enough time on cbssportsline as it is!

However, maybe next year we can get a blogger’s fantasy football league together… what do you think?

Anyone else interested? Let me know!


Tuesday, October 4th, 2005

Two sad events tonight.

1. Bill Dennis has (hopefully temporarily) shut down Peoria Pundit blog until such time as he can afford an internet connection. I’m bummed about this because Bill was the first real blogger to pay any attention to Catastrophic Success and link to it. I wish I could be as prolific and in-depth as he is. I felt that he had really tapped a vein in Peoria and made me wish I had a Bill Dennis in my own city. I doubt my ability to be that blogger. If there are any newsies out there looking for an experienced reporter, check out his resume and give him a call. If any of my potential Peoria readers see this (and you know who you are Ryan), please consider hitting his tip jar and saving a valuable local resource.

2. The other sad thing, which pales in comparison, is that the Taters were served their first loss tonight by the Kenosha Raptors, 127-89. Not the biggest margin of defeat in the league and not the lowest points either. The other consolation is that the IrishMob, which was also 3-0 heading into this week also lost and is still behind me by 11 points. I did lose my point lead in the league also, sadly, and am now 24 points out of first place. I’m hoping I can keep racking up wins so the points won’t matter. I take on the IrishMob next week, so our tied records shall differentiate finally then. I just hope they differentiate in my favor

Two and Oh!!!

Tuesday, September 20th, 2005

I know no one but me cares, but the Sith Taters were again victorious!! I have the best record (tied with one other) at 2-0 and I’m sittin’ at the top of the league with the most points scored. Oh yeah baby!!! I hope Hasselbeck keeps this up!

Bears win!!!

Sunday, September 18th, 2005

The Taters on the other hand have a much closer contest than they bargained for. The Beavers have closed the gap to within 20 as the score now stands at 115-96. The Beavers have a Quarterback, Runningback, and Kicker on the field. Tomorrow, Coach R. will field her tight end, while I will send in my 3rd and final wide receiver and runningback (Keyshawn Johnson and Deuce McAllister respectively). In this league the wide receivers and runningbacks gain 1 point for every 10 yards passing or receiving gained, in addition to 6 points for any touchdowns scored. If her current players do well (as I have no one on the field for this evening’s game), she could sneak out a victory. I’m crossing my fingers!

Go Bears!!! And a joke…

Sunday, September 18th, 2005

As I type this, the Bears are leading the Lions 31 to 6, just minutes into the third quarter. Go Bears!!! This is one of the best games I have seen them play in years.

I meant to include this on Friday, but I forgot.

Do you know the three streets in Chicago whose names rhyme with Vagina?


Paulina (it really is pronounced paul-INA, not PAUL-eena)



A co-worker told me this on Thursday and I’ve been chuckling since then.

Also, the Taters are beating the Crafty Beavers 45 to 19, but the Beavers only have two players on the field right now and still have 10 waiting to play for the afternoon, evening and Monday games. I have 6 yet to play (including my quarterback and all three wide receivers). As a coach, I’m just hoping to establish a large enough lead that they can’t catch up.