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Thursday, October 27th, 2005

So, the President pulled the Miers nomination to “protect Executive Privelege” and not because his nominee wasn’t up to the task. I don’t buy it, but I give him extra credit bonus points for spin. Well Played Mr. President.

Now we wait and see who has the Ninjitsu ability on their Magic Card. Janice Rogers Brown maybe? We’ll see.

Laura Ingraham could not contain herself. She has worked very hard to subvert this nomination, but on principle, and not from some snobbish beltway attitude as she has been accused of. Good for her.


In response to Steve

Tuesday, October 4th, 2005

Steve is here

Since he asked and my apologies for the late reply. Shame on me for not responding in a timely fashion to my first random commenter!!!!

I am in a 12-team league with some co-workers (private league). The point system works like so:
1 point per: 10 yds rushing, 10 yds receiving, 25 yds passing, extra point, tackle.
3 points per: Field Goal, recovered fumble, and sack
-3 points per: fumble lost, interception thrown
6 points per touchdown

Without further ado, I now present your 3-1 Sith Taters:
At QB, Seattle’s Matt Hasselbeck, with Miami’s Gus Frerotte backing him up.
Runningback corps: Stephen Davis (CAR), Thomas Jones (CHI), Deuce McCallister (NO) with Tatum Bell (DEN) and Cedric Benson (CHI) as backups (I thought Benson might take over for Jones, but Jones’ been darn hot lately)
Wide Receivers: Donald Driver (GB), Keyshawn Johnson (DAL), Keenan McCardell (SD) and Travis Taylor (MIN) as flex
Tight Ends: Bubba Franks (GB) – when he’s healthy, and Erron Kinney (TEN) to backfill
Kicker: Paul Edinger (MIN) and I just picked up Todd Peterson (ATL) to backfill Paul’s bye this week.
Defensive Back: Ronde Barber (TB) and Troy Paolamalu (PIT) depending on who has the better matchup
Linebacker: Brian Urlacher (CHI) with Julian Peterson (SF) for bye week insurance (although I should be able to drop him this week)
Defensive Lineman: John Abraham (NYJ)

I have had some good matchups with some sleeper players. Especially considering the slow start the Manning brothers and Daunte Culpepper got.

I just got my first lost in week 4 as some of my studs were injured (Franks and I thought Driver) or on bye (Jones, Urlacher, Polamalu)

I was on the top of the league at 3-0 with the most points, but this week I and the only other undefeated team both lost. We play each other this week so I should be able to put some distance between us.

I couldn’t imagine managing 5 teams at once like he does though! Sheesh, I spend enough time on cbssportsline as it is!

However, maybe next year we can get a blogger’s fantasy football league together… what do you think?

Anyone else interested? Let me know!