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19Sep September 19, 2006 – Improvident

Improvident \im-PROV-uh-duhnt; -dent\, adjective:Lacking foresight or forethought; not foreseeing or providing for the future; negligent or thoughtless. Elizabeth’s husband . . . had been a reckless, improvident man, who left many debts behind him when he died suddenly of a consumption in September 1704.— David Nokes, Jane Austen: A Life Lily is spoiled, pleasure-loving, and […]

18Sep Moving time

I am taking a hiatus until next Wednesday (9/27) from Tube of The Day so that I can finish up my moving. When I come back, I will catch up the 9 days between 9/16 and then. As a special treat to hold you over, enjoy the robot bodybuilder: Weah Heah to LINK *CLAP* you […]

18Sep September 18, 2006 – Commodious

Commodious \kuh-MOH-dee-us\, adjective:Comfortably or conveniently spacious; roomy; as, a commodious house. Then there are the trousers, black check or blue check, with commodious pockets.— Richard F. Shepard, “For Caring Chefs, Crowning Glory Is the Headgear”, New York Times, August 15, 1990 This brought John to accept Benjamin Franklin’s invitation to reside in his commodious quarters […]

17Sep September 17, 2006 – Staid

Staid \STAYD\, adjective:Steady or sedate in character; sober; composed; regular; not wild, volatile, or fanciful. After the founders have left or died, after the excitement has moved elsewhere along with the best employees, after the company’s products and logo and image have grown synonymous with staid and predictable.— Michael S. Malone, Infinite Loop His mother […]

16Sep September 16, 2006 – Inhere

Inhere \in-HIR\, intransitive verb:To be inherent; to belong, as attributes or qualities. The authority that belongs to someone as former secretary of state does not inhere in the person, but in the relation between the person and his former office.— “The grim face of partisanship”, Washington Times, July 10, 2001 To other critics, the problems […]

15Sep September 15, 2006 – Riparian

Riparian \rih-PAIR-ee-uhn; ry-PAIR-ee-uhn\, adjective:Of or pertaining to the bank of a river or stream. Riparian areas are the green, vegetated areas on each side of streams and rivers. They serve many important functions, including purifying water by removing sediments and other contaminants; reducing the risk of flooding and associated damage; reducing stream channel and streambank […]

15Sep September 14, 2006 – Fanfaronade

Fanfaronade \fan-fair-uh-NAYD; -NOD\, noun:1. Swaggering; empty boasting; blustering manner or behavior; ostentatious display.2. Fanfare. George Manahan made his debut this week as music director of New York City Opera, and it is difficult to imagine someone laying claim to a major podium with less of a fanfaronade.— Justin Davidson, “A Director’s Toil Pays Some Dividends”, […]

13Sep September 13. 2006 – Erudite

Erudite \AIR-yuh-dyt; -uh-dyt\, adjective:Characterized by extensive reading or knowledge; learned. In front of imposing edifices like the Topkapi Palace or Hagia Sophia are guides displaying Government-issued licenses. Many of these guides are erudite historians who have quit low-paying jobs as university professors and now offer private tours.— “What’s Doing in Istanbul”, New York Times, February […]

12Sep September 12, 2006 – Tetchy

Tetchy \TECH-ee\, adjective:Peevish; testy; irritable. Waugh’s tetchy and combative personality made him a difficult companion at arms.— Penelope Lively, “A Maverick Historian”, The Atlantic, February 2001 Wright was in Tokyo, busy with the Imperial Hotel, firing off telegrams blaming his son, Lloyd, and Schindler for nagging cost overruns that Barnsdall, always tetchy about parting with […]

12Sep September 11, 2006 – Pejorative

First, I know I have had to make a lot of double posts lately because I’ve skipped a day. So far, I’ve only missed single days. Unfortunately, on very short notice, my family must move by the end of the month, my father (MisterBixby Sr.) is in the hospital for tests, I’ve been trying to […]