Dictionary.com’s Word of the Day marries YouTube

12Feb Thursday, February 12, 2009 – Froward

Froward \FROH-werd\, adjective: not easily managed; contrary The mule is a froward animal. c. 1300, Old English fromweard “turned from or away,” from from + -weard. The opposite of toward, it was Latin pervertus in early translations of the Psalms, and also meant “about to depart, departing,” and “doomed to die.” Dictionary.com Entry and Pronunciation […]

01Feb Sunday, February 1, 2009 – Victuals

Looks like Dictionary.com aborted their alphabetical Word of the Day pattern mid-stream. Weird. Victuals \VIT-uhlz\, noun: food or provisions, esp. for humans Before the hurricane hit, we went to the store for victuals. c 1303, vitaylle (singular), from Anglo-French and Old French vitaille, from Late Latin victualia “provisions,” noun use of plural of victualis “of […]