Here’s the word, but there was just no fun to be had on YouTube for this word, and I’m too ill to go look for something random. So I’m bemoaning the lack of funny and my poor health. Better luck tomorrow.

Bemoan \bi-MOHN\, verb:

to moan about or weep for; mourn

The tower’s approval came despite opposition from residents and some city leaders who bemoan the proliferation of cell towers in the city, especially when they are placed near homes.
— Janine Zúñiga, The San Diego Union-Tribune, 2008-11-22

Readers rave about Ubuntu’s new version of Linux, slam copy protection for high-def content, and bemoan royalty fees for Internet radio.
— Kellie Parker, The Washington Post, 2007-05-04

Old English bemænan. Entry and Pronunciation for bemoan