canine \KEY-nahyn\, adjective:

1. of or like a dog or member of the dog family
2. any animal belonging to a group of meat-eaters including dogs, foxes, and wolves
3. pertaining to a canine tooth
4. one of the four teeth next to the incisors; cuspid

Several police departments with canine squads similar in size to the Prince George’s unit reported few — if any — cases of dogs biting officers.
— David S. Fallis and Craig Whitlock, The Washington Post, 2001-12-30

First came Netflix and Zipcar. Now comes a company that plans to rent dogs to Bostonians willing to pay steep fees for a canine friend without worry of commitment.
— Sarah Schweitzer, Boston Globe, 2007-12-17

by 1398 as “pointed teeth,” from Latin caninus “of the dog,” from canis “dog,” from Proto Indo-European base *kwon- “dog.” The adjective is attested from 1613 and the noun meaning “dog” is first recorded 1869. Entry and Pronunciation for canine

Jeez, nothing yesterday and today an embarrassment of riches! I usually don’t post video game content, but here’s the second one in three days. This is from an extremely odd, yet fun, game for the Wii – Wario Ware Smooth Moves. It’s essentially a tech demo for the Wiimote. This is taken from one of the levels and features disco dogs. The music is catchy and the dogs are adorable. You actually get a two-fer here. The first video is far too long at over 10 minutes, but it’s worth watching the first few minutes just to see the cute story that leads into the microgames. The second video has the ending of the story beginning about a minute into it. Both are posted for your pleasure.

Links are Groovy, man. Links are Far Out too, bro.

This one isn’t funny, but it is interesting. It’s about a device, called the Canine Remote Deployment System (CRDS), for use by Canine Search and Rescue teams. Dogs can access people trapped in rubble far easier than other people can and this device is used to deploy a medkit and radio to trapped people to help them survive until further help can arrive. The video isn’t tremendously exciting, but practical demonstration begins about halfway through. There is a practice rubble field used as well toward the end.

Can you find the trapped link? That’s a Good Boy!

More info on the CRDS can be found here. Man, those Canadians sure come up with some cool stuff!