Dictionary.com’s Word of the Day marries YouTube

31Oct October 31, 2006 – Wan

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! So I’ve fallen too far behind to keep pushing off more until I can catch up, so I’ll start from today and backfill when possible. Wan \WAHN\, adjective:1. Having a pale or sickly hue; pale; pallid.2. Lacking vitality, as from weariness, illness, or unhappiness; feeble.3. Lacking in intensity or brightness; dim or feeble. […]

09Oct Still working on catch-up, but in the meantime…

Does this mean I have to change the name of the blog to GooTube of the Day? Maybe, they’ll call it Toobgle? And now, your creepy ‘Hoff Moment of the Day: Link in my Car!

01Oct Shame

It’s been nearly two weeks since my last post. I’m sorry for that. It’s not like anyone but Mrs. Bixby (Not Her Real Name) reads this, but others may later. I’m still sorry. It’s been a very difficult last few weeks. I could go over the litany of excuses (work, family, moving to a new […]