Explicate \EK-spluh-kayt\, transitive verb:
To explain; to clear of difficulties or obscurity.

I can cite a case — my own — of a young person’s being altered politically by a novel, but I cannot explicate the process, let alone explain it in terms of the author’s intention or literary strategies.
— Mary McCarthy, “The Lasting Power of the Political Novel”, New York Times, January 1, 1984

The French baccalaureate exam asked students to explicate a passage from Kant.
— Cullen Murphy, “Common Stock”, The Atlantic, February 2001

Explicate comes from Latin explicare, “to unfold; to unfold the meaning or sense of; to explain, expound, or interpret,” from ex-, “out” + plicare, “to fold.”

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Fourth day in a row where 95% of the YouTube hits are in a foreign language. This time its in French. I have two videos tonight. One is actually in French, but it is a much better look at parkour than the last one. The middle section with David Belle in the park on the rock-climbing wall is pretty cool. Enjoy.


One of the few videos filmed in the US actually uses a French song. It’s fun and quirky though and it made me chuckle. FYI, for those of you, like me, from Not-California, Vons is a grocery store chain. Enjoy!


Also, I have some HUGE news that I don’t know if I can share yet. This is going to be so cool! More details as I can make them available.