denizen \DEN-uh-zuhn\, noun:
1. A dweller; an inhabitant.
2. One that frequents a particular place.
3. [Chiefly British] An alien granted certain rights of citizenship.
4. An animal, plant, etc. that has become naturalized.

Goethe, who visited Berlin only once, found the “wit and irony” of its denizens quite remarkable.
Peter Gay, My German Question

But he will know one thing about what it means to be an American, because he has known the raw continent, and not as tourist but as denizen.
“Noted With Pleasure”, New York Times, February 2, 1992

So Charlie McCreevy is a regular denizen of the “Dáil bar.”
Kathy Sheridan, “Feeling a little Bullish”, Irish Times, April 22, 2000

Denizen comes from Anglo-French denzein, “(one) living within (a city or state),” from Old French denz, “within,” from Late Latin deintus, “from within,” from Latin de-, “from” + intus, “within.” Entry and Pronunciation for denizen

I chose this one because it is mildly funny, but mostly because of the name “Denizens of Slack.” I participate in the SlackCast, official podcast of the Domain of Slack. The naming coincidence was too much for me to resist. This is a funny video, though I wish it were longer and could be more developed with these characters. There is a great deal of untapped potential here. Plus the song is quite catchy. Enjoy!

Find it here.