Rubicund \ROO-bih-kund\, adjective:

Inclining to redness; ruddy; red.

The men are second cousins, around forty, resembling each other not very much, one taller and leaner, less rubicund than the other, who has just returned from California.
— John Lukacs, A Thread of Years

Rubicund from his cocktail, big, broad, lustrous with power, he exuded what Walter Pater called the “charm of an exquisite character, felt in some way to be inseparable from his person.”
— Edmund Morris, Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan

Rubicund comes from Latin rubicundus, “red, ruddy,” from rubere, “to be red.” Entry and Pronunciation for rubicund

This one also didn’t register a lot of hits. There were three, count ’em, THREE videos of a man with belly fat playing with said belly fat.
In this case, I will include a collection of morbid art set to music called “Rubicund Age”‘ by a band called Cataclyst. Not for young viewers for some disturbing imagery.

This link won’t be robicund until you click it.

Nothing else tonight. You owe me thanks.