The screaming you hear is me trying in vain to continue this experiment. I am now (not having searched for today’s word) at a 75% failure rate for finding films using the real word of the day. That’s because today’s word is:

Habitue \huh-BICH-oo-ay; huh-bich-oo-AY\, noun:
One who habitually frequents a place.

Here you will meet Disco Bean . . . , a 70s dance-club habitue who spends his days in an empty warehouse polishing his Latin hustle moves and pretending it’s still 1978 and he’s the next John Travolta.
— Stephen Holden, “The Search for One-Eye Jimmy”, New York Times, June 21, 1996

Or as one jaded habitue of El Casbah observes when an unfamiliar face appears in the club: “She’s new to cafe society.”
— Stephen Holden, “Cafe Society”, New York Times, July 18, 1997

In the public house kept by Jesper Darkes, “zealous partizans in the cause of Liberty,” as one habitue called them, met day and night, laying plans, discussing whether this man or that could be trusted or whether he was spying for the government, speculating on what could be done when the British military arrived, as it surely would.
— Richard M. Ketchum, Saratoga: Turning Point of America’s Revolutionary War

Habitue is from the past participle of French habituer, Entry and Pronunciation for habitue

Sigh. It’s pointless, but let’s try the search…Huh. Well, there are actually many hits, but they are all for habit or habitual or in Spanish. Well, I guess I spoke too soon. The idea of this site was to use the word of the day simply as a method of finding interesting videos. It’s not, as my dear wife assumed, to find a defining video, so I guess all these qualify. This should be interesting.

Here’s a nice funny British comedy (Britcom?) troupe video. Now with 100% more rubber ass.

Find it here.
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