sui generis \soo-eye-JEN-ur-us; soo-ee-\, adjective:
Being the only example of its kind; constituting a class of its own; unique.

This man, in fact, was sui generis, a true original.
— Ruth Lord, Henry F. du Pont and Winterthur

They’re a special case, a category of their own, sui generis.
— Eric Kraft, Leaving Small’s Hotel

In the degree of their alienation from their society and of their impact on it, the Russian intelligentsia of the nineteenth century were a phenomenon almost sui generis.
— Aileen M. Kelly, Toward Another Shore

William Randolph Hearst did not speak often of his father. He preferred to think of himself as sui generis and self-created, which in many ways he was.
— David Nasaw, The Chief

Sui generis is from Latin, literally meaning “of its own kind”: sui, “of its own” + generis, genitive form of genus, “kind.” Entry and Pronunciation for sui generis

Another one with a band name. Sigh. Gawsh, too bad I don’t speak or read Brazilian.* I might have found the only English or non-language video in the whole search.

Remember, the number one rule of Kitty Fight Club (KFC?) is “No one talks about Kitty Fight Club!”


* I know Brazillians speak Spanish and not Brazillian (cuz it’s a dead language).**

** I know it’s Portugeuse.