Misprize \mis-PRYZ\, transitive verb:

1. To hold in contempt.
2. To undervalue.

I hesitate to appear to misprize my native city, but how can the history of dear, sedate old London town possibly compare to Paris for sheer excitement?
— Alistair Horne, Seven Ages of Paris

Or did he misprize such fidelity and harden his heart against so great a love as hers?
— Ludovico Ariosto, Orlando Furioso, translated by Guido Waldman

Alternatively, when disagreements are noticed, they may by chance be overemphasized by those who misprize their significance by failing to assess the pressure exerted by economic and institutional factors as opposed to the purely intellectual.
— Ellen Handler Spitz, “Warrant for trespass/ permission to peer”, The Art Bulletin, December 1, 1995

Misprize comes from Middle French mesprisier, from mes-, “amiss, wrong” + prisier, “to appraise.”

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Wow, tough word today, but they can’t all be winners, I guess. This only generated two hits. If I can’t have funny, I’ll take weird as hell. NSFW language warning. There is a hardcore rap soundtrack to this video with egregious use of the F-bomb and N-word. These kids have way too much time on their hands, and I can’t figure out if they are sincere and quirky, or arch and ironic. Maybe you can tell me.

Have Safe Sex! Misprize Meth! Reject Religion! Adore Animals! Love Links!

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