Malfeasance \mal-FEE-zuhn(t)s\, noun:

Wrongdoing, misconduct, or misbehavior, especially by a public official.

But more often than not the same board members who were removed by the chancellor for malfeasance subsequently manage to get reelected in a political process that defies any form of accountability.
— Diane Ravitch and Joseph Viteritti, New Schools for a New Century

Cagney family conjecture was that Grandpop Nelson, with the temper of a dozen Furies, had likely committed some malfeasance in his native town forcing him to change his name when he left.
— John McCabe, Cagney

Malfeasance is derived from Old French malfaisant, present participle of malfaire, “to do evil,” from Latin malefacere, from male, “badly” + facere, “to do.” Entry and Pronunciation for malfeasance

I believe this man to be playing this very tongue-in-cheek, and I’m not sure where he’s going with the 9/11 and reality tv stuff, but his plan sure sounds solid to me… uh, whatever that plan might have been…

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